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PAK ELECTRON LTD. was established in 1956 with the technical collaboration of M/S AEG, West Germany. It is the oldest composite electrical equipment-manufacturing unit of Pakistan with the object of initially producing transformers, switchgears and electric motors. In 1962 after conclusion of joint venture agreement with AEG, total shareholding was purchased than by sponsors M/S Malik Brothers Limited.
In October 1978, PEL was taken over by SAIGOL GROUP OF COMPANIES, which is the largest and well-know industrial and commercial group in Pakistan. The Saigol Group belongs to the Saigol family that is an old business family and has contributed a lot towards Pakistan’s industrial and believes in continuous development and growth. The result is a global business activity monitored through the various offices worldwide. Meeting Saigol’s traditions, since its takeover by the group, PEL is also a Company on the go”. The high growth rate proves the complete success of the professional management and provides sufficient confidence to trust in its future development schemes.

Pakistan Electron Ltd (PEL)
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Pepsi Cola pakistan Ltd

Pepsi cola started in the January 1898, from a small Drug store in the city of North Carolina. The owner of the Drug store, Mr. Caleb Bradham, prepared a drink, which the customers called "the Bred Drink". Bred registered this drink with the name of Pepsi Cola in 1903. Then he started his own production at Macro level and established his own company. In 1909 this company reached to 24 states of America with more than 250 dealers. The very first packing of Pepsi was in 16.5 ounce. 
In 1932 Pepsi cola has introduced its new packing in 12 ounce. In 1950 Pepsi Cola has started its new Advertising Campaign with the name of "Refresh without Filling". It also changed the chemical formula and decreased its sweetness and calories. 
With the efforts of the Sales & Marketing Department, Pepsi got so much fame that it established new plants at a rate of thirty per annum.
 Today Pepsi is available in more than 155 countries of the world including Soviet Union & China.

Pepsi Cola
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Bata Pakistan Limited

The company that evolved into Bata shoe organization was first registered in the town of Zlin Czechoslovakia on August 24, 1894. It was innovative from the beginning in that its founders intended the company to be a “shoe manufacturer”. This represented a significant departure from the centuries old tradition of the one-man workshop eking out a bare subsistence for his family on a Cobbler’s bench at home.

                                                   By 1905 Bata had grown too some 250-company employees. At 2200 pairs per day, the personal effectiveness of each Bata employee far outdistanced the few pairs per day produced by the their predecessors.
                                                   The young company overcome many early difficulties .I n order to meet growing demand during the early years, new production machinery was found in other countries and innovative show making technique were devised by skillful and resourceful Bata employees. New kinds of shoes were introduced using new way to promote them. Bata’s reputation as the innovative industry leader has been, maintained ever since. Despite the outbreak of the first world wart material shortages, manpower shortages, corbels and other challenges, sales increased to about two million pairs by 1917.

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